Sitecore Profiles dictionary

When I first started working with Sitecore Profiles, I found it slightly challenging to get a hold of all the different Profile-terms. This made me produce my own little dictionary to get started. Today, this can assist me when helping clients understand, identify, set up and personalize to Profiles in Sitecore. I thought I would be a good idea to share this with you on my blog.

Essential definitions when working with Profiles in Sitecore

A Profile is a classification of a person that is representative for a certain type or with a certain behavior. This is the overall label for working with tracking website visitor’s behavior and classifying them into defined profiles.

A Profile Key is an attribute for a Profile. A Profile will consist of a hand full of attributes, and each attribute is assigned a value in order to describe the Profile’s characteristics.

A Profile Card is the assembling of Profile Keys with values. This collection makes up a card, that can be assigned to content.

A Profile Card can be set up as a Profile Card – Persona, which means that you can describe the Profile as a Persona in Sitecore – a more detailed described website visitor.

A Pattern Card is build up like Profile Cards. Pattern Cards are matched against a real time website visitor behavior on the website in order to classify the visitor and match with one of the defined Profiles.

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Sitecore Profiles dictionary