SUGCON Europe 2016

I am speaking at a Sitecore conference in Denmark next week and I am really looking forward to this!

SUGCON is short for Sitecore User Group Conference. The conference is community driven; it is organized by the community for the community. SUGCON Europe 2016 will be full of the latest insights and advice from many skilled Sitecore expert. It is a two-day conference from the 25th to the 26th of April. Read more about it here

Working with the Sitecore Experience Platform – an interdisciplinary discipline

How do you create value with the Sitecore Experience Platform in an easy and effective way? There are both strategical and technical challenges ahead when figuring out how to use the Experience Tools.

I will be given a talk at SUGCON together with Stephan Rifbjerg, who is a skillful Sitecore Developer and Architect (check out his blog here) about how we see the work with setting up the Sitecore Experience Platform as an interdisciplinary discipline. We have been working together with the Sitecore Experience Platform and we strongly believe that there is a payoff of letting experience strategists and developers collaborate closely when it comes to setting up the Experience Platform.

Stephan will be sharing his experiences on how to work closely with an Experience Strategist. And I, as the Experience Strategist, will be given my perspective of how my work is more effective when I collaborate closely with a developer. And it is also much more fun and rewarding, because together we are able to set up a great solution for our clients.

Other than sharing experiences on how our collaboration and intertwining of competences has been extremely valuable, we will provide tips and tricks for how to collaborate closely. We will provide and reflect upon aspects that have helped us create a valuable setup for a client. A set up that help the client reach full business potential with the Sitecore Experience Platform in terms of working with customer experience, personalization and optimization.

Our session will touch upon the strategic challenges when identifying a valuable setup for a business and dive into concrete technical aspects of working with the tools on the Sitecore Experience Platform. We will provide insights by taking the audience on a journey through a concrete project we have been working on.

The Sitecore Experience Platform

What is the Sitecore Experience Platform? Just to take a step back here is a little bit about what the Sitecore Experience platform is and what relevant value I think it can create.

The Sitecore Experience platform enables you to deliver the right content to the right person in the right place at the right time. I see Sitecore and its Experience Platform as a strategic content and channel management system, where you through rules can work automated with content and ensure that the users get a relevant message at the most relevant channel when it its relevant for the individual. Data will be collected in order to optimize personalization strategies and to get a better understanding of the users.

The context of the users is changing rapidly today and therefor it is important that the digital dialog with the users are flexible, relevant and personalized. I advise organizations to use Sitecore Experience Platform in order to market and personalize content so their content and message don’t vanish in the overload of information that the users experience today.

By having experience strategists working closely together with developers we can create a setup from which clients can create success. It is important to ensure that the client can use the tools and understand what value they can create with them. I would also advice to assist the client in developing a road map so they have a plan for where to start and where to head next in order to work successfully with customer experience.

I am looking forward SUGCON 2016 Europe! I am looking forward to meet other people in the community, to learn from them and to share my tips & tricks, dos & don’ts as well as honest reflections and lessons learned.

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SUGCON Europe 2016