A market ready for personalization

Many companies are asking themselves if the market is ready for personalization. Do the customers find it scary? Are users ready for it? I think they are ready and this blog post is about why.

A couple of weeks ago I went to an interesting web analytics event, where I attended a talk given by senior SEM specialist Mads Bøgh Larsen, who talked about Generation Me, which he also calls The Blue Dot Generation. This generation consider the world revolving around them. Their blue dot on the map on their smartphone highlights this view and the generation are used to services appearing according to their location and needs. A large number of apps on their smart devices support their mindset and apart from maps pinning their exact location, they expose selfies to reflect their current mood, and use hashtags to connect and send their words and opinions out to the entire world. The world is about them. And the world revolves around them.

This generation want things to be tailored to them – they even expect it, I would say. For companies this is good argument for start focusing on customer experience and personalization. I see great opportunities for companies working with personalization, which i plan on blogging a lot more about.

A market ready for personalization

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